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Chinchilly and Steel-ing the Scene. Channeling one thing this fall: greys

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Essie exists?  Last week as I was chit-chatting with one of my coworkers about nail polish colors she let me in on the most amazing secret: she knows Essie.  See below.  These are my two favorite colors for fall. This woman’s hand is a little scary so view at your own risk: Chinchilly and Steel-ing the Scene

Hi [redacted],
 It is great to hear from you!
Yes it is true they [bermuda shorts and short shorts] were a limited colection however if you are in the city I will make sure that you will have the colors you want.
FYI we will have different neons this April that are alot of fun as well.
Please let me know I know you [sic] bermuda shorts the purple and the pink.
If you want I will pick up some goodies on way back to the city and can leave it with my doorman.
love and kisses.

Wow.  Like I said, tiny miracles.


Written by doorr

October 4, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Posted in Essie, Seriously?

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