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Might As Well Have Been Restaurant Week

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How many restaurants can one person visit in one weekend?  When my friend Lauren was in from Miami, I went to five.  Lauren, a former restaurant manager at the busiest Houston’s in FL, came to New York City with an agenda: to dine out.

Friday night: Gramercy Tavern, the Tavern.  The Tavern does not accept reservations, so we spent a good portion of the evening sipping cocktails at the bar, which was fine with me (order a Montalban). Menu: Celery Root Soup and Fried Oysters (this was fantastic), Striped Bass with Squash and Asian Pears, Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Whoopie, German Chocolate Cake (our waiter gave us free desserts, he was so wonderful).  I went with a party of five but it probably would have been easier to seat us if we were four or less (obviously).  

Saturday afternoon: The Smith.   They sat us quickly which was great, but I ran into two people I knew there.  Too much of a scene, sort of pricy for what they’re offering, but fine food and service.  I don’t know when I’ll go back.  I’m not really a brunch person any way.

Saturday night: Unlimited sushi, sake, and beer for $30.  You should really go at least once with a big group.  So much fun.  We went to one in Tribeca.   The name alludes me though.

Sunday morning: Little Giant!  Pig in a Poke is all you need to know for the brunch menu.

Sunday evening: Otto Enoteca.  I didn’t expect to love this place as much as I did but it’s so charming.  The lighting was just right, the atmosphere was warm and perfect and exactly what I needed to soothe me on a cold Sunday evening.  The wait was 1.5 hours but I survived!  We found a table in the bar area, ordered a bottle of Chardonnay (their wine menu is extensive), cheeses, such as Pecorino di Fossa and Taleggio, apricot jam, roasted peppers, and prosciutto (and this was just while we waited for a table). 

I ended the weekend a poor man, but a happy one.


Written by doorr

October 28, 2009 at 9:47 pm

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  1. i once went on a TERRIBLE date to otto. but the food was excellent.


    November 14, 2009 at 5:19 pm

  2. […] Nobles, an H&M, a Sephora, and soon a Shake Shack.  While I am not a big fan of fast food, I am a big fan of Danny Meyer – my love for his cuisine emblazoned in my mind after spending the perfect summer afternoon eating […]

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