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You Hear That? We Were Born to Run.

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Blast, another post that I meant to publish but instead let collect dust in the drafts archives.  According to an article in yesterday’s October 27th’s New York Times, The Human Body is Built for Distance


I’ve heard the pros and cons of long distance running before.  On the one hand, long distance running and marathon training offers the runner exceptional cardiovascular benefits; on the other hand, the runner had better watch out for her knees–they’re  doomed in the future.   This article argues that the human body is in fact built for long distance running, or rather, a combination of long distance running and walking.  The body’s cooling system, its superior sense of balance, the size and direction of  the big toe, and so forth, are all important factors that prove the body was built for distance.   My favorite part of the article is the author’s claim that on a hot day, even a lowly human runner could outrace a horse in a marathon.   Pretty incredible.  That said, I still will never run any type of marathon unless it’s a 26 person relay.


Written by doorr

November 4, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Posted in Health, New York Times

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