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Farewell to the Aughts – A Colorful Decade

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I love ‘Best Of’ lists and  Heather Wagner on 00s Nostalgia for Vanity Fair rings loud and true.  After brainstorming (with a little help from Nathalie and Sarah) I’ve come up with my own Farwell to the Aughts list.  

When I look back on the ZEROs I will think of hipsters, the return of plaid, fedoras, skinny jeans (on girls and boys alike), leggings /spandex galore, American Apparel everything, rise of the semi-designer  (Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, etc.), 9/11,  Afghanistan, Bush/Cheney/Rice, Obama, mashups (GirlTalk), auto tune (T-Pain, Kanye West), Whole Foods and farmers’ markets, text messaging, going green, status updates, YouTube phenomena, Facebook, the blogosphere, gossip websites taking over the internet, print newspapers dying, iTunes, Pink Berry and their spinoffs, cupcakes, graduation (middle school, high school, college for me), the glamour of celebrity rehab and pregnancies, the undoing of teen stars, the return of the BANG.

2. Oversharing

The 00s were one big Overshare. The rise of mobile phones turned the world into your psychiatrist’s office, while Facebook status updates, celebrity Twitter feeds, and mommy blogs enabled the relentless broadcasting of personal minutia, from the mundane (“Buying fresh fennel at Whole Foods”) to the shocking (“Just got DNA results. Jason’s the daddy!”). Another source of oversharing? Blog commenters, especially those of the hyper-religious or staunchly partisan ilk, who so often felt compelled to air the most vitriolic, illogical, and hostile opinions under the virtual cloak of “SoccerSue” or “Jimbo01.”

11. Food Porn

Food was so hot in the 00s. Haute cuisine went mainstream, celebrity chefs became household names, and even your lunch meat was grass-fed. There was a curious high/low synthesis: mac and cheese, fried chicken, and burgers showed up on menus of high-end eateries, while the humble cupcake became a status symbol. Food was no longer just subsistence but a lifestyle, as the farmers’ market became the new singles bar, twentysomethings expertly brined turkeys on Thanksgiving, job seekers listed molecular gastronomy as a hobby on their résumés, and everyone knew the meaning of sous vide. And yet, somehow Arby’s continued to exist.

21. Bands with Similar-Sounding Names

By decade’s end, the music business had atomized to the point where there were thousands of popular bands to choose from instead of, say, 20 really famous bands. And apparently coming up with an original band name is really hard! The beginning of the decade saw the rise of “the” bands (the Vines, the Hives, the Strokes, the Rapture). Then onto “black” and “white” bands (the White Stripes, Black Kids, White Denim, Black Keys). Finally we had a flurry of forest animals (Deerhoof, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Wolf Parade), and, at last count, “whale” bands (Noah & the Whale, Said the Whale, Whalebones). There may yet be time for a final wave of, say, “octopus” or “insect” bands before December 31, so stay tuned.


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December 11, 2009 at 2:31 pm

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