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Why Not Detox?

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Last night my friend Lizzie approached me with a little box o’ cards and asked me if I wanted to join her detox regime.  Normally I shirk away from extreme diets/cleanses, but after reading the detox cards (a.k.a. after learning that I could eat solid food–like lentils, brown rice, and fish–and not cayanne pepper concoctions)  I thought, “why not detox?”

According to my very amateur due diligence research on detoxes (Google and GOOP):

Here are some signs your body is overly toxified and your body is having a hard time breaking down the toxins it fights everyday:

Bad Breath
Bloating or Constipation or Diarrhea
Canker Sores
Difficulty Concentrating
Excess Weight or Difficulty Losing Weight
Food Cravings
Joint Pain
Muscle Aches
Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
Sinus Congestion
Postnasal Drip
Skin Rashes
Sleeping Problems

The creator of The Detox Box, Dr. Mark Hyman writes:

  1. Get Rid of Toxins (temporarily cut out food allergens, alcohol, caffeine, self inflicted and environmental toxins)
  2. Fix Your Gut (repair digestion with healthful foods and supplements)
  3. Get Your Fluids Moving (boost circulation with yoga and aerobic exercise designed for detoxification)
  4. Love Your Liver and Sweat It Out (help your system shed toxins through hot baths, saunas and specially designed nutrients and herbs that support your liver detoxification)
  5. Detox Your Mind, Heart, and Spirit (break the cycle of stress and fatigue)

I’m excited to wake up and actually do 20-30 minutes of yoga a day.  And I’m excited to write about all of my toxic habits and relationships in a journal.  But most importantly, I am excited to finally christen this blog with a detox post–otherwise it wouldn’t be a blog based on GOOP (get it, DOORR?).


Written by doorr

February 2, 2010 at 12:30 am

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