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Buying Perrier on Food Stamps

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Graduating from school in the middle of a recession has got people going all sorts of crazy.  Not only is it hard to stay employed, but it’s hard for even the most qualified candidates to find a job.  In these times, everyone is feeling the pinch of the recession.  Even hipsters.   That’s why Salon is putting the spotlight on them in their latest exposé.  Young people – who don’t look like Ronald Reagan’s carefully crafted “Welfare Queen”- are using food stamp debit cards to buy ingredients for their dinner parties and to stock up on luxury items like organic whole chickens and glass bottles of Perrier.  “They’re young, they’re broke, and they pay for organic salmon with government subsidies. Got a problem with that?”

I really don’t have a problem with people buying nice produce with food stamps – if – they – qualify – for – it.  I would much prefer to see people buying apples, berries, more expensive whole grains, and grass-fed beef instead of little debbies, pringles, kraft cheese, and hot dogs.  But.  When I read an article that interviews a woman (who might just be the extreme case) who admits she has a penchant for expensive clothing but uses food stamps to sponsor her chic dinner parties, I am floored.  At least it’s interesting to see that the stigma on food stamps has shifted?   I guess what I’m trying to say is on the one hand, I’m glad Ronnie’s “Welfare Queen” image looks different.  But on the other hand, at least I believed a poor black single mother qualified for it?


Written by doorr

March 16, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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