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The Face of Terrorism

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I’m not quite sure what the implications of this new phenomenon are, but the face of terrorism over the last few weeks has changed.  Past preconceptions of terrorism painted the image of a brown, bearded man with an AK-47 in one hand and a Koran in the other.  However, after the Moscow attacks by two female suicide bombers (suspected to be from the North Caucusus), the arrest of Jihad Jane, and the FBI raid of the Midwestern Christian militant group, the Hutaree, a new class of terrorists has emerged, shifting the perception of what it means to be a Jihadist.  I’m fascinated by all these groups of people willing to kill others and themselves in the name of religion and God.  In light of Easter (because it’s only the holiest of holidays for Christians) and because all three books (the Bible, Koran, and Torah) acknowledge that we have the same God, I ask the terrorists this: WWGD?  Seriously.

Gawker – Christian Militants Attached by FBI and Gay Sex Pics

Yahoo News – Jihad Jane terrorist suspect cooperated

BBC – Russia mourns victims of Moscow Metro suicide bombings

Update: NYMag – Are the Members of the Michigan Militia Terrorists?


Written by doorr

March 30, 2010 at 9:22 am

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