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Wanderlust: Domestic Edition

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Sometimes the bright lights of the city and the pressure to make the perfect weekend plans gets me all sorts of anxious.  So last weekend I took an impromptu trip to Boston and spent some quality time with my homies Jenna and Anna.   My bus was set to leave at 7:30am and I intelligently left my packing for the very last-minute (1 hour before my bus ride).  Though I thankfully remembered to bring all of my toiletries with me, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t this be easier if you had a bag of soap, mouthwash, and all those broken bronzers you can’t quite part with but can’t quite use in one place? ”  And thus this post was born. 

I have a penchant for Fresh, Kiehls, and my mom’s Clinque sample products.  As for travel perfumes, ever since I was a teenage girl and heard that Jennifer Aniston used (uses?) Kai products, I’ve coveted the oily perfume since.  I currently own the Citron de Vigne perfume (bought with the intention of keeping in my travel bag), but considering those airline people and their regulations are my worst enemies, I will probably just keep it as my spring/summer scent.  Anyway, these products, along with a toothbrush, mini toothpaste, wax-minted floss, spf 50 lotion, band aids, condoms, shout wipes, bobby pins, and left over make-up would be in my ideal travel bag.  What’s in yours?  I heard a motion for a passport case…

Marc by Marc Jacobs make up case (for those in NYC or near a Scoop, I’m pretty sure I saw it for $50 not $78), Fresh products, Fresh roll-on, Kai roll-on, Kiehls


Written by doorr

March 31, 2010 at 2:52 pm

Posted in Lifestyle, Travel

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