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Spring Fever

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Spring has sprung in NYC.  It’s going to be in the high seventies this whole week, my roommate and I are basically drinking white wine exclusively now, and the sunshine has everyone in better spirits.  In short, it feels like the right time to spice up my lingerie collection (because frankly people tend to go out and date more in the warm weather).  Even though I acknowledge that my fixation on fancy lingerie is a little pointless, sort of expensive, and somewhat lacking in its cost-per-wear ratio, my love of lace, silk, and sheer fabrics is enough to compensate for the hefty price.  I love: the Victoria’s Secret The Lacie (it’s a cheaper Hanky Panky) collection in the brightest colors imaginable; the Hanky Panky After Midnight Collection (it’s pretty sexy and definitely too risqué for me to post on this blog); and almost all sheer boyshorts in black.

Journelle, my favorite lingerie shop in the city, has an incredible online selection.


Written by doorr

April 5, 2010 at 1:58 pm

Posted in Lifestyle, Style

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