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How To Make It In America

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First of all, you know that YouTube shows full episodes of ‘How To Make It In America. YouTube used to show full episodes of ‘How To Make It In America.’ (Yikes, I wrote this blog post quite a few weeks ago and I think they might have pulled all the episodes.  I wish these posts were more timely sometimes.)  Anyway, I watched episode 4 while it was still on YouTube and it was amazing.  The show is set up as a prequel to Entourage; it follows around a group of young folks who are trying to make it in America (read: the Bowery, NYC)  by starting a jean line called Crisp- how very symbolic, HBO, denim is so American.  In week 4’s episode, the characters hardly discussed the concept of making jeans to get rich.  Instead the characters enjoyed a night out on the town (hitting up places like Avenue and La Esquina) as their boy, Ben coped with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel’s birthday.  From what I can tell of ‘How To Make It In America’ so far, this show is about name dropping all of the restaurants in the Bowery/Nolita/East Village area and all of the hot clubs in the city.   I cannot get over all the familiarity and am pretty sure HBO knew this was a quick way to make the show a surefire hit in NYC – we New Yorkers love recognizing things.

Anyway, the highlights of the show for me include: Gingy taking her morning Tai Chi class in a Chinatown park – this actually happens so good job HBO;  Rachel’s fancy boyfriend waking her up with a glass of Moet and the song ‘Birthday Sex’ on his sound system (note to self: have someone wake me up this way, or do it to someone else), and having what looked like a really fun birthday dinner at La Esquina.  I’m pretty in love with this show as of now.

Bonus: In this week’s Beauty Counter blog, they ran a feature on Lake Bell’s make up in the show.

Please, do tell—spare no details!
OK, I start by putting Sonya Dakar Omega-3 Repair Complex oil all over her face for serious moisture. Then I layer on La Mer Hydrating Infusion, the one in the green bottle, and the La Mer Crème—the really rich one. Next I prep with Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer and Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base #4 under her eyes and T-zone to give her a new layer of skin. I follow that with La Mer Tinted Moisturizer #3, which is off the hook. I put in on with a sponge and just spread it all over. It gives you a glowy effect that’s amazing. Finally, I swipe Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in that half-moon area under her eyes so the light bounces off her face.

Your makeup kit must weigh a ton. I’ve noticed that you don’t really do the smoky-eye thing, which is pretty pervasive these days. Why have you steered clear of it, for the most part?

Lake’s character has a clean look; she’s easy breezy. I take Yves Saint Laurent Eye Pencil in Deepest Green, which isn’t piercing black, and ridge her lash lines sometimes, but that’s it. The hue has a certain level of intensity, but it’s not screaming “obvious.”

I would imagine the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer highlighter that I use (in Apricot and Golden Bronze) works the same- if not better than- the YSL touche eclat.  Not that I’ve ever tried the touche eclat, but still.  And I love the idea of an emerald green eyeliner.


Written by doorr

April 6, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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