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The Next Big Thing: Lamb

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 Did anyone else notice the heavy push on lamb this Easter?   I did.  I blogged about it.  It seemed odd that just about every April 2010 magazine featured a recipe for it.  Well, according to AP, it turns out lamb is due for a comeback, or an awakening, or maybe just some overdue recognition.  Blame it on the lamb producers, blame it on the chefs who hold “Lamb Jams” (lamb cooking contests), blame it on the invisible “foodie” hand which guides the animal trends, or blame it on the economy; whichever you blame, lamb is slowly meandering its way onto the American plate.  While it still has a long way to go before it becomes a staple ( “[o]n average, Americans consume only 1 pound per person annually, and one-third have never even tried it, according to Wortman. Compare that to federal figures from 2008 showing Americans on average ate about 61 pounds of beef, 59 pounds of chicken and 46 pounds of pork per capita”), chefs, magazine editors, and local eaters are warming up to its earthy flavor.  And lamb bacon?  I’m certainly intrigued.

It was over two years ago that the American Lamb Board unleashed its scantily clad “lambassadors” on Sobe and a year later that trend-spotters started taking notice — last September, we even wondered whether lamb could ever be the new pork. Of course, that hasn’t happened (though Times honcho Arthur Sulzberger recently showed up at the Brooklyn Lamb Takedown!). Nevertheless, the AP is determined to bring our attention to lamb’s “hip new attitude”— Market Table, at least, has been selling more lamb and fewer steaks.

NYMag – Lamb Is Still Maybe, Sort of, Possibly, the Next Big Thing?

Photo courtesy of Gourmet


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April 21, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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