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The Opposite of Earth Day

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I consider myself Green: if I were a celebrity, I would throw the E (for the ‘B the E’ campaign) at the paparazzi tomorrow; if I owned a car, I might drive a Prius; I currently use low energy light bulbs (in my bathroom); I recycle; I try to limit my use of plastic water bottles (hello pretty glass bottles of San Pellegrino); I turn the faucet off while I’m brushing my teeth; etc.  But, if being green means I will eventually have to compromise my love of dim lighting then I might just stock up on Edison bulbs before it’s too late.  Also, if this is actually a policy, this is insane.  Make the bulbs more expensive, but don’t ban them outright!

Edison bulbs, as the modern reproductions are now called, feature filament materials, usually carbon, that produce low light compared to the amount of energy it takes to turn them on. They cast warm, moody glows that are perfect for creating an ambiance. It is rumored that only more efficient CFL bulbs will be sold in the United States market starting in the year 2014. Surely this makes sense for general household lighting purposes (even though some of us don’t care for the quality of light produced), but what about for those special pieces that rely on an old-fashioned bulb to complete its look? Though we’re part of the movement toward high-efficiency lighting, we hope the incandescent bulb doesn’t disappear completely.

Apartment Therapy – Old-Fashioned Bulbs Roundup


Written by doorr

April 21, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Posted in Events, Lifestyle

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