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Boycotting Arizona

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Oy vey, people.  I’ve tried not to comment on the draconian Arizona immigration bill, which was signed into law last Friday by Governor Jan Brewer, that allows the Arizona police to “question anyone they ‘reasonably suspect’ of being undocumented” (read: Mexican or simply, not white) for the sake of easing their xenophobia giving jobs back to Americans, but after hearing of the proposed boycotts of Arizona businesses, I suppose I will comment. 

Opponents of Arizona‘s new anti-immigrant law are calling for a boycott of the state’s products – including the popular Arizona Iced Tea.  The problem: Arizona Iced Tea is actually brewed in New York.  Online, misguided tea fans vowed to switch to Lipton or Snapple.

So.  If you’re going to boycott Arizona businesses, by all means, boycott.  It sounds like a great idea.  But boycott the right ones.  “Best Western, ColdStone Cremery, Clear Channel Outdoor, ClubJenna, Dial, Discount Tire Co, Fender, Fox Animation Studios, Go Daddy, Greyhound, TGIFridays, PetSmart, PF Changs, Ramada, SkyMall, Taco Time, U Haul, US Airlines are all headquartered in Arizona, FYI.”

Also, a little reading material for you, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Activists for Latino and immigrant rights — and supporters of sane governance — held weekend rallies denouncing the new law and vowing to do everything they can to overturn it. But where was the Tea Party crowd? Isn’t the whole premise of the Tea Party movement that overreaching government poses a grave threat to individual freedom? It seems to me that a law allowing individuals to be detained and interrogated on a whim — and requiring legal residents to carry identification documents, as in a police state — would send the Tea Partyers into apoplexy. Or is there some kind of exception if the people whose freedoms are being taken away happen to have brown skin and might speak Spanish?

And what is the deal with Sen. John McCain? The self-proclaimed practitioner of “straight talk” was once a passionate advocate of sensible, moderate immigration reform. Now, facing a primary challenge from the right, he has praised the new law, which is as far from sensible and moderate as it could possibly be. Are six more years in the Senate really worth abandoning what seemed like bedrock principles? Or were those principles always situational?


Written by doorr

April 28, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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