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Summertime: NARS Body Glow

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Readers, I know you are dying to know whether the NARS Body Glow is worth investing in this summer and I’m here to tell you: maybe.  A few weeks ago, I found myself wandering the city without make-up on and with an afternoon fete to attend.  Naturally, I ducked into a Sephora (yes, this story is sad but true), grabbed all of my usual products, and started rubbing powders and creams on my face.  I also splashed some Body Glow over my shoulders, partly because I had always been intrigued by the beachy scent but mainly because I love bronze shimmer lotions in the summer.  In the end,  I decided against it because I felt the smell would interfered with the other body lotions and perfumes that I wear, and because the bottle was a bit expensive ($60).  But now that the warm weather is approaching again, I am loving the idea of rubbing an oliy bronze mess over my legs before I go out in a short skirt and heels.  So what I’m saying is I’m in the market for another cheaper, sparkly bronze lotion.  Any ideas?  Or maybe, I’ll just opt for this NARS package.


Written by doorr

May 18, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Posted in Lifestyle, Style

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