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Decorating with Pink

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Decorating with pink is sort of wonderful.  I love these rooms because both have white walls yet carry so much character.  Often, when I look at beautiful pictures of styled rooms, part of what attracts me to the room is the wallpaper or the color of the wall.  But these cool images can be challenging to replicate when landlords (in New York City, for example) won’t allow you to wallpaper a rental or use a paint that’s too dark.  Plus who wants to paint an apartment that you might live in for just a year only to have to paint it back to white in a few months.  These pictures remind me that it’s possible to make a room look great while using the blank canvas that you have.  Cheers to pink.

Source: I forget and Lonny Mag.


Written by doorr

June 10, 2010 at 5:11 pm

Posted in Lifestyle

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  1. […] collection (ha).  I’m thinking image 1, Last Meeting, is the one.  Especially since I am drawn to pink […]

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