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I Have Some Regrets

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I have some regrets.  One of them is not purchasing a framed version of the New Yorker Haiti earthquake tribute cover.

The image, titled “The Resurrection of the Dead,” was painted by Frantz Zephirin, a Haitian artist in 2007. The magazine describes the cover saying:

“The Resurrection of the Dead” is not a direct response to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th; Zephirin painted it in 2007. But Bill Bollendorf, who runs the Galerie Macondo, in Pittsburgh, explained that the three skeletal figures in the doorway are guede, members of a family of spirits who guard the frontier between life and death. The woman in the wedding dress is Gran’ Brigitte, and the man in the blue uniform is her husband, Baron Samedi.

I am touched by this cover piece for a number of reasons: some superficial and some moving.  For one, The New Yorker played a large role in my transition to life after college.  Second, the profits from the cover would go to Partners in Health, an organization co-founded by my alma mater’s current President.  And third, the eeriness of the image is thought-provoking and haunting and beautiful.  Luckily for me, the photo is still for sale on the website.  Unfortunately, I am still as tight for money as I was six months ago, when buying this cover would have really made a difference.  But I haven’t stopped thinking about it, and maybe that’s a sign I should refocus my spending from restaurants and candles to charity and lasting works of art.


Written by doorr

June 18, 2010 at 10:48 pm

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