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Textiles on the Beach

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A few weekends ago I spied a beautiful pink makeshift tent on the beach.  I kept wanting to go over to Ditch Plains loungers and ask them who made the fabric, but I never did.  Luckily, I see Guest of a Guest has answered that question for me.  It is likely that the beachgoers were resting their tanned bottoms on none other than John Robshaw Textiles.  And while I thought it looked chic and beautiful, Guest of a Guest had some different words for their sheets:

Bohemian Beach Throws. Forget the towels (unless they are handmade from Australia).  In true bohemian fashion, the hipsters of Ditch Plains prefer throws and sheets to rest their sandy, yoga-powered buns. On especially crowded beach days, and if you’re feeling inspired, stake some of these cloth John Robshaw sheets to the ground and create your own private canopy, safe from the heathens of the un-hipster gods.

Whatever.  I’m still so into it.  But mainly for my bed.  Or anywhere really.


Written by doorr

July 12, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Posted in Lifestyle

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