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I am such a lazy blogger.  But you know who isn’t?  Garance Doré.  She is such a good blogger.  In fact, she’s so good at expressing her wonderful insights about fashion that she even managed to put into words a few weeks ago what elegance meant to her.  Do you know how hard it is to describe elegance?  For years I’ve read other articles try to describe the trait that every child, woman, and man (or at least New Yorker) aspires to have, but even the best authors could only come up with “that certain je ne sais quoi.”  F je ne sais quoi.  Describe it to me, Anna and Carine.  Let me know how to achieve it. 

I’ve posted three of my favorites from Garance’s list below.  To it,  I would mystery and the art of conversation.  Mystery, because in this world of over-sharing (hello twitter account and blog), keeping a few secrets about your personal life is probably still the oldest and cheapest trick in the book.   And conversation, because who doesn’t enjoy talking to someone who can have a 5 minute chat about anything.  What would you add?

Photo: Garance Dore

– Politeness. It’s stupid, I know, and we never can learn it all, but knowing a few rules of politeness and being able to apply them naturally, without being obvious, goodness, it’s so chic. The British are so good at that. Jefferson Hack mixes punk and good manners with a virtuosity to fall for.

– Ah, and I gotta include this because I admire it so much… Well-manicured people. I don’t know how they find the time, but these girls with painted nails, perfectly hydrated skin, glossy hair… I know a whole bunch, and I admire them all, but my favorite is my sister. Well, yeah, except for last time she tried to do my nails she messed them up with a polishing machine that looks more like a Black & Decker drill, but that’s how these things go : On me, it never works, that’s all = pffffffff.

– Culture. Oh man, a sense of culture that isn’t flaunted, or in your face, but one that just shows that you are an open window to the world is soooo attractive! Like Caroline Issa, Sophie Fontanel, Salomé, my agent… I could spend entire days talking to them.


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July 20, 2010 at 3:03 pm

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