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Les Khakis de Chanel

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It seems that everyone in the fashion world is going crazy over the new limited-edition Chanel Khakis Nail Colours. Unveiled this weekend in honor of New York’s Fashion’s Night Out, these polishes are destined to become the next nail color craze.  Remember Chanel’s Le Vernis Nail Colour Black Satin which sold out in a matter of weeks circa 2006? I feel confident in saying that this trio is the 2010 equivalent (particularly since every time I try to link to purchasing any Chanel beauty accessories on Neiman, Saks, and the sites won’t even load – how’s that for traffic control).

But back to the point of this post.  For those of us not in the mood to spend $25 a pop on nail polish, I recommend looking no further than Essie or OPI.  Doesn’t Sew Psyched from Essie’s Fall 2010 line look similar to Khaki Vert?  A great and affordable alternative.  Now if only there were nail salons in upstate New York…


Written by doorr

September 13, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Posted in Essie, Style

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