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Talk about a face lift!  The online magazine Lonny released a new version of their website bright and early this morning, presumably just in time to compete with the brand-spanking new Rue Magazine which also launched today!  I pulled these specific images from Lonny’s new blogger bios sections because (1) I identify in a strange way with each of the statements made and/or images compiled and (2) because I’m trying to learn photoshop (or lightroom, whichever) and these are reminding me why I want to learn the programs!  So pretty.

The first image is my favorite.  I love leopard print and pictures surrounded by white borders, I am also fascinated by high-powered female entrepreneurs and professionals, and a getaway to a flea market (preferably in Toulouse..or in Brooklyn) with a warm latte does sound incredible.  I also think I love Leica even though I’m not so savvy with the camera and am really unsure what makes that specific brand of cameras cost so much money.  But I know I want one!  (Such a consumer.)

The second picture is probably the one that I would have created for myself.  Again, strong leopard accents, dark blues and purples, a fish pin (my astrological sign), and the writer is posing in a black blazer with her hair pulled up.  Love it all.

The last picture speaks to me because it mentions New York City and champagne, the other “really significant” influences in my life.  I’m kidding (sort of).  But you know what I mean.  Go take a look at the website.  It’s so dope!


Written by doorr

September 16, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Posted in Lifestyle, Style

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