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Daily Dose: 9-20 {Birthday! Birthday!}

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Holy f*!k, DOORR’s birthday is coming up in a few days.  WEEEEEEEEE!  And I’m almost at 10,000 hits.  The downside, however, is that despite this blog existing for almost a full year, the quality of the material (read: there is no “material” on this blog any more) has significantly diminished.  I discussed substantive events, I mentioned new exhibits that had come out, I reviewed plays that I had seen and highlighted ones that I was preparing to attend, and I gave commentary on random articles (such as the 2009 Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes).  Now I feel like I’m nothing but an online catalog.  Sigh.  Hopefully, as time permits, I’ll be able to do more than just link you to pretty pictures.  In the meantime, isn’t this girl gorgeous?  I want her hair.

Photo: Courtesy of Fashion Jump


Written by doorr

September 20, 2010 at 11:05 am

Posted in Daily Dose, Events

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