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Celebrities in Geek Frames

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Here are a photos of celebrities in (reading) glasses who are inspiring me.  Just a few days ago (two days ago?) I got my eyes checked (finally) and realized that I’ve had all these terrible headaches because one eye was working significantly harder than the other to see. I needed glasses. This is both a YAY and a BOO.  Yay, because glasses are a chic accessory and I love accessories; BOO because (1) I hate wearing things on my eyes; it irritates them so much (though granted being able to read may be different, but I somehow doubt it), (2) because I hate admitting that I have such a flaw, and (3) I do not want my eyes to become dependent on glasses to the point where in three years I’m getting a higher Rx!  Anyway, seems that I can’t avoid any of these issues any longer. I have officially joined the four-eyes club.

After some browsing with a friend, I decided the only frames for me are Buddy Holly geek frames in either black, dark brown, dark olive green, or dark tortoise.  I’ve narrowed down my ideal frames to a pair from Paul Smith, Robert Marc, Martin & Martin, Anglo American, or Ray-Bans.  Tomorrow (or soon), I’ll post photos of the actual frames I’m looking at and hopefully a pair of the frames I buy!  To reading without headaches! Xo


Written by doorr

October 14, 2010 at 8:56 am

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  1. My husband had the same issue with his eyes. There is treatment so that you don’t have to wear glasses. Find an ophthalmologist (not optometrist) or neuro-ophthalmologist who specializes in this area and can do vision therapy. The technology out there can be incredibly helpful.


    October 27, 2010 at 8:50 am

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