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Holiday Fun {Part I}

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Just when I thought I was over short red nails, this gorgeous JCrew photo pops up and reminds me why I love the color red, and-for lack of a better segue-the holidays.

The holidays are great for three reasons, really. First, the holiday season is nostalgic.  It reminds me of spending time with extended family, visiting the different Christmas decorations around NYC, going to the Nutcracker and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular every year (is that embarrassing?), participating in the Christmas pageant, and of course, having Thanksgiving dinner and opening  presents on Christmas day.  The second reason the holidays are so great is because this time of year is truly a time of reflection.  I look forward to the changes that come with the New Year, while remaining grateful and mindful of the events that have come from the past year.  {Side note: I now see what Charles Dickens meant when he wrote of the ghosts of (Christmas) past, present, and future.  I suppose this means I’m a true adult now.}  Thirdly, the season is so special because there are fun holiday parties to attend!  I know it’s only early November (and I have finals ahead of me), but I am very much looking forward to donning dark silk dresses and sequins, bundling up in fur trapper hats, and wearing lots of subtle holiday red.

So, enter Jcrew girl.  From the cozy, fitted charcoal sweater (which I own, but from Forever 21, and with shoulder pads), to the fun chunky bracelets (which I must buy), to the perfect-for-her-skin-tone red accents.  How darling.  Below are my go-to reds:  1. Rimmel’s moisture renew Rose Passion; 2. Essie’s Really Red (shown below); 3. Essie’s Pouf Daddy, a great garnet.   Happy beginning of the Holidays!  (Ugh, I am so annoying, I know.)

P.S. Just for fun, here are other fun activities I am looking forward to this season: (1) rereading my American Girl doll books, specifically the Samantha series and the holiday chapters of the other dolls; (2) decorating a gingerbread house for the first time (hi Nathalie); (3) baking and eating an insane number of pumpkin pies; (4) wearing the short red nails and bright red, matte lips for the entire month of December; (5) watching The Holiday constantly.


Written by doorr

November 10, 2010 at 1:13 am

Posted in Events, Holidays, Style

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