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New Year’s Resolutions

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Master the art of cooking, cleaning, and gardening.  Today in my yoga class, my instructor read us a short story written by one of her yoga teachers about her teacher’s search for enlightenment.  A few years back, this teacher had approached a yogi and asked him if he could advise her on the steps to achieve enlightenment.  He responded, to her dismay, “you must master the art of cooking, cleaning, and gardening.” This answer was neither what the teacher had expected nor had wanted to hear from the yogi.  Eventually, however, she realized the truth in the yogi’s statement; once she could find happiness and peace in performing the everyday tasks, like keeping a clean and organized living space, and in caring for and nurturing a plant, then enlightenment would become more accessible.  At this point in the practice I began to shift my body a lot as I remembered my probably-once-green fern, Otis, that I had left without water, to die over this vacation.  Sadface.  So here’s to cultivating my cooking, cleaning, and gardening skills in 2011 (and always).  May another Otis never die within my care.  And may my cooking space look as clean and neat as in these photos below.



Written by doorr

January 4, 2011 at 12:34 am

Posted in Health, Holidays, Lifestyle

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