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Summer Essentials

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Feeling inspired by The Coveteur and Vogue collaboration featuring snapshots of Vogue’s favorite fashion players’ weekend travel bags, I created my own version of my summer essentials. In addition to the latest magazine, my book of the moment, and a big iced coffee in hand, I would pack…

1. Charles and Charles Rose for the host; 2.  J. Crew leather capri sandals (in black or neon); 3. Old Navy wedges (the most comfortable and inexpensive shoe ever); 4. J. Crew bikini in warm cedar (or if I had a paying job, this Tibi bikini); 5. J. Crew Timex watch (maybe with a coral strap); 6. Giles and Brother hex nut jewelry (or homemade hex nut jewelry); 7. Sunblock, Essie Geranium, and some music!


Written by doorr

June 9, 2011 at 10:18 am

Posted in Boards, Essie, Holidays, Style, Travel

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