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A Thought on ‘Island-Living Style’

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Sometimes I read an article about interior design, and instead of pulling away the finer points of “Island-Living Style,” I’m stuck focusing on which editor thought including the insensitive tidbits romanticizing post-colonial Caribbean life was a good idea.   In the latest edition of Lonny Magazine they cover an Englishman’s vacation home on Harbour Island.  I think what tipped me over the edge was the “cinematic nostalgia” oil painting of an old black servant hanging above the homeowner’s desk (see below).  Whether intentional or not, the author (and the owner of the home) are looking upon a time of privilege, racial tensions, sugar and tobacco plantations, and poverty in a way that is only “nostalgic” to colonists.  Even the relatively harmless line in the beginning that proudly mentions that the original builder’s great-grandsons performed the renovations to the house makes me uncomfortable.  Of course, the line could suggest that the builders’ family have an excellent reputation for construction and architecture; but it could just as easily suggest the family was never able to move past the profession of heavy manual labor.  Am I over-thinking this?  I hope so.
Source: Lonny Mag



Written by doorr

October 2, 2011 at 8:40 am

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