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Summer Essentials

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Feeling inspired by The Coveteur and Vogue collaboration featuring snapshots of Vogue’s favorite fashion players’ weekend travel bags, I created my own version of my summer essentials. In addition to the latest magazine, my book of the moment, and a big iced coffee in hand, I would pack…

1. Charles and Charles Rose for the host; 2.  J. Crew leather capri sandals (in black or neon); 3. Old Navy wedges (the most comfortable and inexpensive shoe ever); 4. J. Crew bikini in warm cedar (or if I had a paying job, this Tibi bikini); 5. J. Crew Timex watch (maybe with a coral strap); 6. Giles and Brother hex nut jewelry (or homemade hex nut jewelry); 7. Sunblock, Essie Geranium, and some music!


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June 9, 2011 at 10:18 am

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Daily Dose: 6-1

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Source: (1) Unknown; (2) Strong Island

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May 31, 2011 at 11:56 pm

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Les Khakis de Chanel

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It seems that everyone in the fashion world is going crazy over the new limited-edition Chanel Khakis Nail Colours. Unveiled this weekend in honor of New York’s Fashion’s Night Out, these polishes are destined to become the next nail color craze.  Remember Chanel’s Le Vernis Nail Colour Black Satin which sold out in a matter of weeks circa 2006? I feel confident in saying that this trio is the 2010 equivalent (particularly since every time I try to link to purchasing any Chanel beauty accessories on Neiman, Saks, and the sites won’t even load – how’s that for traffic control).

But back to the point of this post.  For those of us not in the mood to spend $25 a pop on nail polish, I recommend looking no further than Essie or OPI.  Doesn’t Sew Psyched from Essie’s Fall 2010 line look similar to Khaki Vert?  A great and affordable alternative.  Now if only there were nail salons in upstate New York…

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September 13, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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My Summer Essentials/Wishlist

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Huge L.L. Bean tote, teal Anika brazil bikini, limited edition neon Nars multiple, pair of fly Ray Bans, Essie’s Bermuda Shorts, Stila eyeshadow in Kitten (it stays on all day and is shimmer-y), lemonade (or limeade, or lemonade spritzers…), Burts Bees chapstick (I learned the hard way that Kiehls and other vaseline-based lip balms melt above 70 degrees), Tiffany diamond pendant (is it weird that I think the perfect bathing suit accessory is a bit of bling? Also, this is clearly a wishlist item), and of course, a white Calypso frock.

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April 29, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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Announcement: Giada Wears Bubble Bath

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I’ve always loved soft pink nails.  The hues aren’t overpowering and the pale colors allow your hands to look clean and professional.  Plus, they feel slightly more polished than a more colorful manicure because if they chip it’s not quite as obvious.  And if you watch the food network, you would know that Giada De Laurentiis has also been a long time fan of soft pink nail polishes.  Unlike my Essie preferences, however (hello Limo-Scene and Vanity Fairest), Giada apparently favors OPI – enter: Bubble Bath.

With the help of architect Peter Cohen, chef Giada De Laurentiis and her husband, Todd Thompson, transformed their 1,600-square-foot residence in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles into a California contemporary home with twice the space. “The kitchen is the whole reason we tore our old house down and rebuilt,” Thompson says. The couple worked with designer Kevin Fitzsimons to create a room that was organized and modern. Varenna cabinetry by Poliform. Viking appliances, Kohler faucet and sink, and Sharp television, at

This kitchen is too modern for my taste, however, the other kitchens featured in the same issue of Architectural Digest are worth browsing.

Peep after the jump for a look at Bubble Bath on intensely manicured hands.

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April 7, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Chinchilly and Steel-ing the Scene. Channeling one thing this fall: greys

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Essie exists?  Last week as I was chit-chatting with one of my coworkers about nail polish colors she let me in on the most amazing secret: she knows Essie.  See below.  These are my two favorite colors for fall. This woman’s hand is a little scary so view at your own risk: Chinchilly and Steel-ing the Scene

Hi [redacted],
 It is great to hear from you!
Yes it is true they [bermuda shorts and short shorts] were a limited colection however if you are in the city I will make sure that you will have the colors you want.
FYI we will have different neons this April that are alot of fun as well.
Please let me know I know you [sic] bermuda shorts the purple and the pink.
If you want I will pick up some goodies on way back to the city and can leave it with my doorman.
love and kisses.

Wow.  Like I said, tiny miracles.

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October 4, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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